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I am not alone in decrying the dumbing down of language through tweets and twitters. There is something disconcerting about imagining an entire generation ensconced in robot-speak, – “R U OK, LOL” – and then getting lazy in life and … Continue reading

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Here on my hill, looking out at crystals and icicles, I can imagine I am the Snow Queen surveying my wintry domain. It’s 40 below with the wind chill tonight and I need to use snowshoes to refill the bird … Continue reading

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All day today we have been under the influence of Orko, who has provided the most snow downfall in our year and a half of Minnesota existence. A real blizzard. Church services cancelled. Even the YMCA closed. Drifts gathering up … Continue reading

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Winter snow in Minnesota has its pluses and minuses. I’ve already referenced the wonder of wafting flakes, the cushy clumps of white upon the evergreens, all the novelty of exotic climatology to a California girl. If I could just figure … Continue reading

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