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  What happened to our youth?  The promises.  The dreams.  The expectations.  We’re beginning to do that thing that “old” people do.  Wondering how indeed the time fled by, feeling not all that different within, but a whole lot of … Continue reading

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That’s what my friend Susan’s husband calls it.  And Matt was also the one to intervene into any future embarrassment so that I would correctly refer to the Canada Geese and not the Canadian Geese.  Thank you Matt.  What’s a … Continue reading

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Along with all the good and exciting discoveries these days on Mt. Faith, we’re also going through a difficult patch due to a personal happenstance not of our making, but nevertheless hard to put to rest.  And so, out of … Continue reading

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As we remodel this old house on Mt. Faith and uncover bits of construction quality made “when quality was popular”, and also unearth traces of tacky, second-rate add-ons, it makes me think of the saying –  “Excellence is doing ordinary … Continue reading

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The most difficult thing, bar none, about moving from California to Minnesota, was leaving behind five children and four grandchildren.  We’ve attempted to entice with tales of lakes and prairies, snow sledding at Roosevelt Park, hay rides at Rick and … Continue reading

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I’m feeling patriotic today.  And I’m not talking about animal doctors.  It’s about the quality of life and what is commonly referred to here as “Minnesota Nice”.  It’s simply a way of being.  It must be built into the genetic … Continue reading

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It’s a sure sign that summer is winding down when I realize that there are only two more evening concerts in the park here in Fergus Falls. Most every Thursday evening we’ve hauled our fold-up chairs the few blocks to … Continue reading

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