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MOVE-MENT Something major about packing all one’s belongings is that you end up awash in memories.  I am unearthing the strangest things – like the list entitled “Our Plant Family” which was drawn up by my son Kevin, most likely … Continue reading

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In the packing, I’ve discovered a treasure trove of old pictures. Think about it. There are specific moments frozen in time when, for whatever reason, you felt such simple happiness that just the evocation of the image makes you laugh.  … Continue reading

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On a trip back to North Dakota/Minnesota in the early 1970’s, my Uncle Earl took me up into the attic of my grandparents home in Hickson, N.D. and gave me two things.  One was a stuffed deer’s head which had … Continue reading

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Today I’m crying “Uncle” and in the sense that I GIVE UP for today –  the packing troll has won and I am done.  Exhausted.  Finished.  A wreck.  And in another sense I could use an “Uncle Ernie”, that familial … Continue reading

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Mom was fond of telling the tale of how she came to California from Minnesota as a bride and “saw the palm trees and the mountains and the ocean and thought she’d died and gone to heaven.”  And then there … Continue reading

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I MARRIED ADVENTURE You can see from my falling-apart copy of Osa Johnson’s book that it was a special favorite in my youth.  What a life she led with Martin Johnson,  traversing the world at a time when Africa was … Continue reading

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This is the first year I can remember in my adult life that I didn’t go to See’s Candy and buy Bordeaux and Scotch Mallows and Pecan Buds  and chocolate marshmallow eggs and bunnies  and nestle them in baskets we … Continue reading

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DIANA SCROGGIN “…and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

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While talking to my cousin Curt who lives in Minnesota and is our go-to guy for the practical nuts-and-bolts info that we California rubes need to know  (things like what car will handle the ice on the driveway, and how … Continue reading

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When my cousin Maryanne called to “thank me” for tattle-taling on her, she  reminded me that it was a TILT-A-WHIRL and not a lowly ferris wheel that signaled her own “tilt” moment.  And she had had to beg and beg … Continue reading

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