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Back in April of 2011 after embracing the idea of moving from California to Minnesota, there were people, places and things that I knew would be deeply missed. Our children and grandchildren, of course. And in the over-all scheme of … Continue reading

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It’s all about the garden these days.                           NEW PERENNIAL BED VEGGIES POND Digging Days have been the hardest. And T.M. has conveniently been off the hook due to “knee issues” which have rendered him unable to push down hard … Continue reading

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  Whenever I thought of  Shakespeare’s soothsayer advising Julius Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March,” I hadn’t a clue. Ides could have been, for all I knew, a boogeyman of the nth degree. A hocus-pocus curse. A portent of … Continue reading

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I am such a sucker for living among our wild life and respecting that it was their home before it was ours, that I once had to call the animal control people over a skunk who was doing a stand-off … Continue reading

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