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There’s a reason I have this Arthur Rackham print hanging above my desk.  It’s an illustration from Midsummer Night’s Dream entitled – “Faeries Away!”  I’m sure they were simply scurrying off to help Puck on some naughty misadventure, but I … Continue reading

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Amazing what a little bit of “calling it as it is” will do for progress.  I’m happy to report that our bed is no longer on the floor and the “sitting room” is lovely and surrounded by favorite things. We … Continue reading

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My friend Susan is elated because their resident wren is just now courting a lady and hoping to produce a batch of little wrens before the end of summer.  Where has he been?  No matter.  Hopefully they will move forward … Continue reading

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Somebody loves this weather!  We’re told that this is not normal.  Yes, it can get hot and sticky with humidity in the summer, but not like this, they say.  And we have no reason to doubt.  Except that if you … Continue reading

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Part I:  The Man of Many Names Ever since I started writing this blog I have referred to my husband as “Robert” even though I never call him that personally.  I would never say, for instance – “Robert. We’re going … Continue reading

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We started this past Sunday at the Unitarian Church of Underwood, part of our sampling of the local spiritual venues with a nod to something other than just Luthernism which of course abounds.  Their service this day included a discussion … Continue reading

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My friend  Mara, a number of years ago, touted the importance of a designated spot for meditation and contemplation rather than just using my comfy chair after coffee and the morning newspaper.  She had a good point as usual.  So … Continue reading

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