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We woke in the night to explosions in the sky and Big Bang Minnesota Thunder, so it was at first a bit iffy as to whether the skies would cooperate for the gathering at the Lower Wild Rice and Red … Continue reading

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Mills Fleet Farm is a big box store unknown before to us.  Perhaps it’s a mid-western thing.  But I can say that it has the best bird supply section imaginable.  I’m not through yet, but we made a good go … Continue reading

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Garrison Keilor was not kidding.   People in Minnesota actually say “You betcha”.  Another thing they regularly say is “Yep”.  I’m still waiting for “Okey Dokey”, which is my all time favorite and an expression that I use regularly, and actually … Continue reading

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Lawns are really important here.  We started to get the picture after two of my cousin’s first question after – Did you get there okay?” – was “How is the lawn? Does it need mowing?”  And then, when we went … Continue reading

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From the time we “closed the deal” and made the commitment to create a new life on Mt. Faith until the time we actually arrived,  encompassed nine months!  How’s that for perfect symbolism?  And the whole process was truly so … Continue reading

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The caravan might be new favorite car.  Raced through wind and rain over hill (the Sierras, the Tetons) and dale, 22-25 mpg, less than a pint of oil, never mind 140,000 + miles. What a trooper! Speaking of which, Cosmo … Continue reading

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New day.  New garden.  Aah!  I feel like the proverbial kid in the candy store.  Time after time I have eked out a garden armed only with grim determination and a much younger back than I now possess. Often in … Continue reading

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