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This was my first caucus. It may be my last. In California we held primaries and I recall always thinking how patriotically engaging it must be to actively participate in the democratic process like some states do. I was raised … Continue reading

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I just emailed my friends, Al and Amy. We keep in touch. Usually I let them know how passionate I feel about an issue and they write back and thank me. And let me know what’s going on in their … Continue reading

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Some days you just hate to pick up the morning paper for all the disastrous news of the world. We have a routine at our house. I put on my boots (this time of year), button my down jacket over … Continue reading

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I have nearly completed the first week of the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Core Course. Whew! In California in 1994 it seemed easier. Or maybe my brain was a lot younger. I just took the first of 15 … Continue reading

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This morning we woke up to snow. A little late in coming but it’s here and has continued to flurry all day long. Last year was considered Winter Lite and I actually was disappointed because I didn’t have the chance … Continue reading

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Twice in recent days I have been queried as to what books I would consider my favorite novels. That’s a toughie. You have seen the t-shirts and bumper stickers that proclaim – “So many books, so little time.” That could … Continue reading

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