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  We have been blessed with a number of fabulous cats in this lifetime together – Robin Goodfellow, Pandora, Bela, Ram, Cleo-catra, Nefferkitty, Magic, Esmeralda Pananoia, and my darling Lyra Deara. All wonderful and special and deserving of a novel … Continue reading

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 Cosmo had a stroke last week. I look at these shocking words on the page and realize that I have been repeating this phrase over and over in my head ever since. I know he is nineteen and yes, he’s … Continue reading

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Somebody loves this weather!  We’re told that this is not normal.  Yes, it can get hot and sticky with humidity in the summer, but not like this, they say.  And we have no reason to doubt.  Except that if you … Continue reading

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Is it just me, or does this NOT look like a welcoming entry?  In fact, it was weeks before I realized that there was indeed an entry stairway at all.  And I’m sure that it might never ever be used, … Continue reading

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CELEBRATION Noelle was here for four days and we packed everything that couldn’t wait until the last moment.  At times it seemed insurmountable. At times it threatened to bring us to our knees.  At times I couldn’t begin to see … Continue reading

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COSMO I have written about my Lyra Deara and about Button, so it’s only fair that I devote some time to Cosmo.  He IS one of the three of us and has been for over sixteen years.  At the expense … Continue reading

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There will be one less addition to our journey when the time comes. And this is a bittersweet tale, one that still brings tears when least expected now. One that connects with a flash to a image just out of … Continue reading

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Along with the garden, a prospective buyer needs to know what the other responsibilities entail.  Number One: FEED THE BIRDS.  We call Castenada Lane the Bird Sanctuary because we have set up multiple feeders, utilizing sunflower seeds, thistle, mixed seed … Continue reading

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