What's this? A path to the street?


Is it just me, or does this NOT look like a welcoming entry?  In fact, it was weeks before I realized that there was indeed an entry stairway at all.  And I’m sure that it might never ever be used, as the driveway curves right past it up the rise and plunk right in front of the back door where everyone will undoubtedly arrive, but  it seemed only right that I clear it out and give it a semblance of serviceability.  And so – eight wheelbarrows later.  And just a bit of an aching back –  the official and original welcome is revealed!


And here’s the first good news.  As I was clipping I realized that if only for the Feng Shui, this was a momentous improvement.  And nobody has to actually toddle up the steps.  The old concrete stairs  can remain a symbolic gesture to neighborliness.  They can be the stairway to somewhere that nobody takes.  The important thing is that they have been reclaimed.  And the chi can commence.  I’m not all that knowledgeable about Feng Shui, but it has become quite popular in the western world in recent years and I know that it all has to do with energy and how it flows – the Qi (pronounced “chee”) can “balance any given space to assure health and good fortune because the land is alive and full of energy”.  That makes sense to me.

The second good news is that under all the overgrown cypress I found a deep layer of decomposed leaves and soil and earthworms and absolutely yummy compost.  Yesterday Robert ordered a turning composter and I wondered what I would add along with the kitchen scraps.  My old gardening notes tell me that the guideline is half fresh scraps, half dry woody debris.  We’re all ready.  And even so, right now BEFORE there are any scraps, the good rich findings will be the “cream” for some happy plants.

Two happy relaxed guys amid the Feng Shui

And a very happy ending – tonight’s version.

All's well in the world

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