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Four years ago as new residents of Minnesota, my husband mentioned during a grocery shopping trip that he thought he would “pick up some lamb chops.” “Great,” I said, or maybe even “Yum.” However, as I began browsing the dairy … Continue reading

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Before there was a Disneyland my mother established a touring agenda for out of state friends and relatives who visited our southern California home. We lived in Long Beach, which is south of the greater, spreading metropolis of Los Angeles. … Continue reading

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After reading James Liliks’ Sunday column in the Star Tribune, I had to chuckle because he aptly synced-in with a major observation of mine. In writing about why Minnesotans decide to leave this state, the first thing on his list … Continue reading

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(Finally. Back from bronchial purgatory. Thanks for your wishes and concerns.) When we first moved to Minnesota, Pastor Sarah of the Shepard of the Prairie Lutheran Church of Hickson, North Dakota (the familial family spiritual home base), invited me to … Continue reading

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Okay. It’s not the recovering cold.  It’s not the winter blues. It’s not a personal psychological trauma. It’s . . . . . . . . . . .  WRITER’S BLOCK. And, yes indeed, it might have been prompted by … Continue reading

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  Last week my daughter called to say that she had treated herself to a birthday present. She had pierced her nose. What? I ask myself why I am mildly discomforted by this news. Is it because I object to … Continue reading

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“. . . a spring, fountain, that is the starting point of a stream . . . that from which something comes or develops . . . place of origin” – Webster’s New World Dictionary Many nights of my childhood … Continue reading

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When I asked Cal how much longer he thought we could extend the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Fergus Falls, he optimistically ventured a guess about the first of October, but realistically cited the middle of September for the first frost. … Continue reading

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Ever since Christmas Eve, 2011, the headlines of the Fergus Falls Daily Journal have loudly proclaimed and excitedly followed the daily drama and progress of one black angora goat whose adventure kept the whole community on the edge of their … Continue reading

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For those who didn’t receive my Christmas message by snail mail – GREETINGS FROM MT. FAITH! I wish I could send out magic carpets to one and all for a holiday trip to Fergus Falls.  We so want to “show … Continue reading

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