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2012 was our first full year as residents of our new state and we filled it up, among other things, with wonder at hoarfrost and tornado skies and ice fishing and Minnesota Nice. I wouldn’t say we’re “old hands” now, … Continue reading

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“It was the Snow Goose that I really had in mind when I designated us the Snowbirds-redux. Just the fact that the species has a mystic tie to the Aurora Borealis (which I long to experience now that we are … Continue reading

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  It’s a tricky thing to accuse kids today.  But every generation does it. We always harken back to our youth and reminisce about how much better it was in the old days.  For example – “Radio made us think … Continue reading

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Actually. Not in Minnesota. Where by all rights it should be snowing. We had an inch or so a few weeks ago and now nothing. What was briefly here has melted. It’s into December and brown. All the locals who … Continue reading

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I was starting to get worried, but finally the Canada Geese are back. Thousands, maybe millions settling in for winter upon what I call our “bends.” The Otter Tail River spreads out across the street from our house and continues … Continue reading

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