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After reading James Liliks’ Sunday column in the Star Tribune, I had to chuckle because he aptly synced-in with a major observation of mine. In writing about why Minnesotans decide to leave this state, the first thing on his list … Continue reading

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  Growing up in California meant that electrical storms were an oddity. Something to be marveled over. A once a year (or not) happening. The last year before our Minnesota move, I recall a night when we heard the distant … Continue reading

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Now this is more like it.  This is what the God of the North intended for Minnesotans in the middle of February. And I suppose it’s just a brief blip in the weather map for 2012, brown grass and exposed … Continue reading

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WordPress is the “host” for Snowbird. Goodness knows how they do it.  I’m practically computer illiterate.  My friend, John, helped me do all the voodoo and set up the site last spring.  That’s all I know.  Except that I have … Continue reading

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Last spring when we were still living in California, I remember justifying our newly proposed Minnesota distance to my daughter, Noelle, by saying something like – “It won’t really be any different.  It’s been four driving hours up the coast … Continue reading

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“Ozzie McBeth was born in Southern California.  For most of his teenage lifespan he was a geek and a computer nerd.  For all we know, he still is.  Ozzie currently lives in Sonora, California where he is raised by his … Continue reading

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It isn’t just the weather.  It isn’t just the terrain. It might encompass to a degree the indigenous cultures, but there definitely is a world of difference in what we have and have-not at our Fergus Falls Grocery venue.  It’s … Continue reading

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  It’s been “wintry” of late, but today is the first day that looks, smells and feels seriously of winter, in spite of the no-show snow. I can sense it coming and not, like the fog, on “little cat feet” … Continue reading

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Returning to California this past week was like flipping, helter-skelter, through the pages of an old and favorite book, bits and pieces jumbled and flashing all the way up the Pacific Coast Highway.  It was a quick trip to take … Continue reading

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  It has been 5 months almost to the day that we left California bound for the northern prairie and a new life.  On Sunday we’re flying back, but just for two days, two days for “taking care of business” … Continue reading

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