Growing up in California meant that electrical storms were an oddity. Something to be marveled over. A once a year (or not) happening. The last year before our Minnesota move, I recall a night when we heard the distant rumbling, and got up to sit on the deck with a bottle of wine to watch the lovely flashes against the far hills. Like kids watching fireworks at Disneyland, we oohed and aahed at the show, exclaiming in wonder at each new heavenly burst.

Last summer, after moving to Mt. Faith, we got a taste of northern fury and had a new appreciation for the thunder and lightning god. Perhaps it had something to do with the Norwegians, who early on worshiped and capitulated to Thor. They migrated to Minnesota and now he reigns on the northern plains.

Last night he reigned supreme. And, fittingly, it was the early morning of Thor’s Day – Thursday – when he let loose his power. I’ve heard the expression: “Godgubben afar” – or loosely translated: “The good old fellow is taking a ride!”  No wonder that my friends today, looked at me with hesitation and answered my nervous queries with – “Oh yeah. There was a lot of thunder and lightning last night.”

Good old fellow! A ride? That god wasn’t on a joy ride.

It was our first experience with thunder that didn’t take a breath and pause in between booms, but shook the floors and walls and resonated in our bones and rattled our teeth in one long continuum. On and on. With lightning that blinded, everywhere, in all directions and a wind which tried to blow the house down. The NOAA radio reported “severe thunderstorm moving through Fergus Falls with possible tornado which can strike without warning.”

It did move through, west to east, just as NOAA said, and I could swear that it’s path ran precisely along Mt. Faith Ave. By the time it could be seen through the upstairs bathroom window, rampaging onward towards Underwood and Battle Lake, I realized my heart was pounding.

Oh yeah. There was a lot of thunder and lightning last night.

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