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Here in Western Minnesota we’re experiencing an unusual dearth of snow this year. A slight covering of flakes one day and then meltdown the next. It reminds me of four years ago, our first in this northern prairie, only more … Continue reading

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If it wasn’t for Midsummer, I wouldn’t be here today.  My family likes to tell the tale of Jennings who, in the early 1930’s, returned to his hometown after a voyage in the Merchant Marines. That particular year, his town … Continue reading

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  Yesterday the computer “went down” (as they say) just at the moment that T.M. called from the next room to tell me the television had lost it’s signal. When I attempted to call Ottertail Telcom, the local “bundler,” the … Continue reading

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I just emailed my friends, Al and Amy. We keep in touch. Usually I let them know how passionate I feel about an issue and they write back and thank me. And let me know what’s going on in their … Continue reading

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Some days you just hate to pick up the morning paper for all the disastrous news of the world. We have a routine at our house. I put on my boots (this time of year), button my down jacket over … Continue reading

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When Thumper explained to Bambi about the forest folk who were “twitterpatted,” he wasn’t just expounding on the thrill of new love. He was referencing the joy and excitement of new life in the Spring. In Spring worms emerge from … Continue reading

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2012 was our first full year as residents of our new state and we filled it up, among other things, with wonder at hoarfrost and tornado skies and ice fishing and Minnesota Nice. I wouldn’t say we’re “old hands” now, … Continue reading

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This morning we woke up to snow. A little late in coming but it’s here and has continued to flurry all day long. Last year was considered Winter Lite and I actually was disappointed because I didn’t have the chance … Continue reading

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Only once before has there been a guest blogger on snowbirdredux. On December 14, 2011 Ozzie McBeth wrote with clarity and humor, wise beyond his years, about “Adaptability” and thereby enriched and expanded my musings and year long search for … Continue reading

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  In one hour we’re picking up our daughter, Sheila at the Fargo airport. This will be her first trip to Minnesota and we’re hoping to entice her and pull out all the stops. Most likely it’s too much to … Continue reading

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