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I’m tempted to write an essay entitled “What I did on my summer vacation” (remember those assignments) on the chance that I might then get an inkling of how it all sped by and now, in retrospect, is nearly over … Continue reading

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WordPress is the “host” for Snowbird. Goodness knows how they do it.  I’m practically computer illiterate.  My friend, John, helped me do all the voodoo and set up the site last spring.  That’s all I know.  Except that I have … Continue reading

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I’m feeling patriotic today.  And I’m not talking about animal doctors.  It’s about the quality of life and what is commonly referred to here as “Minnesota Nice”.  It’s simply a way of being.  It must be built into the genetic … Continue reading

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The caravan might be new favorite car.  Raced through wind and rain over hill (the Sierras, the Tetons) and dale, 22-25 mpg, less than a pint of oil, never mind 140,000 + miles. What a trooper! Speaking of which, Cosmo … Continue reading

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What’s the hardest thing about picking up and moving far, far away? Hands down. No contest. And there’s Sean, a senior now at Sonoma State, grown ever so big and wise from that little boy I so loved, and Sam, … Continue reading

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When confronted with aghast statements by incredulous friends and relatives who have heard about our plans to retire and move, yes, from the west coast to the far northern prairie, my husband is fond of responding – “We’re Reverse Snowbirds!”  … Continue reading

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The Background

We’ve actually already set in motion, if just barely, the plan which will eventually send us packing across thousands of miles to a life of which we have little or no experience, given blizzards, tornadoes, ice on the roads, mosquitoes, … Continue reading

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