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Today is my first taste of a Minnesotan Fall.  And it looks like a lot of work to me.  In the summer I snitched fallen branches from other people’s yards in order to provide the necessary leaves (ratio: 4 to … Continue reading

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  When Alice called that week she began to tell me of the places she had taken my son.  “Kevin loved the Santa Barbara Mission, of course” she said, “and I took him to the beach at Carpenteria and all … Continue reading

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  In my youth it seemed that the lifetime stretching out ahead was enormous in scope.  No need to hurry.  There was plenty of time. If for some reason I chose not to become a Broadway actress, I could always … Continue reading

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  I’ve written before about my longing for family.  Having grown up in California, I wanted so much to belong, to be included in family photos and romp about the farmstead along the banks of the Red River of the … Continue reading

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  When I was young I loved the wow, twist of fate, surprise endings of O’Henry short stories.  I especially sighed over “The Gift of the Magi.” It told the tale of the young, but impoverished couple who worried over … Continue reading

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Our friends Budd and Marguerite Andrews were the hit of the Dalton Minnesota, Pioneer Thresherman’s Show and Fair last weekend and they didn’t just exhibit their 1922 House Car, they brought it to life with tales of it’s past and … Continue reading

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  I’ve just this week been really reaping my tomato harvest at last.  The bushes are loaded and every day I bring in heaping bowls of Big Beef, Golden Jubilee and especially that good little trouper, Juliet.  Finally!  We even … Continue reading

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  This is a term you are not likely to ever hear in California.  Threshermen.  It sounds imposing and serious.  It conjures up a fraternity of like minded fellows, engaged in a pursuit of the grain. Something like the Knights … Continue reading

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  Whenever I thought about my great-and-grandparents arriving for the first time in this far northern province, I must admit that through my California filters, I remained a bit fuzzy as to the actual and factual scene.  Brief vacations over … Continue reading

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