“Ozzie McBeth was born in Southern California.  For most of his teenage lifespan he was a geek and a computer nerd.  For all we know, he still is.  Ozzie currently lives in Sonora, California where he is raised by his parents.”

This is a first for Snowbird.  A GUEST BLOGGER!

My friend, Mickey,  recently shared his son’s essay after reading my entry “Comestibles” and after following my  past year’s protestations, ruminations and deliberations as I tried repeatedly to explore the mystique of change.

Kudos to Ozzie.  I suspect he is also “raising” his parents.

Personal Narrative: English 2 Honors, period 3A, Mrs. Hallinan


“The human body contains the same percentage of water and solids that makes up the earth.  Our blood even has the same elements, in the same proportions, as sea water.  As humans mirror the earth, so can they mirror the environment that they were raised in.  I have learned that a certain skill set and personality will be more prolific in a certain sociological and geographic region.

As a place needs a certain skill set, so can a social environment.  An area with more rural needs, such as our own, will produce a person much unsuited for a sales position at a used car firm.  For example, my father, who grew up in one of the most urbanized areas of the States, has trouble driving in this area.  This is because all the turns look exactly the same to him, because he has learned to recognize roads based on what buildings are nearest to the road.  A specific skill set that becomes acclimatized to a certain area is inclined to remain in that area.  He does not like living here.

Someone who has learned a specific skill set as dictated by where they live can have a hard time readjusting to a new area.  Readjustment of a person to a place can be a difficult process for them.  I have had to adjust from living in southern California, a place where a specialty store exists for every profession and object ever created.  When I moved up here, I had to get used to having to order everything I want online, because the things you can buy here are horse feed and barbequed pork.  Readjustment is something that all people will have to go through in their lives, to some degree or another.

In some cases, such as my own, a person will be young enough to adapt to the new conditions of his or her surroundings.  In others, like my father’s, the mind is set in it’s ways and cannot readily adapt.  A person too old to change is disturbed when their routine changes, a person my age can somewhat quickly adapt, but a younger child has almost no idea what is happening.  Through ignorance, some children are the ultimately adaptable person.

Children learn by mimicking the characteristics of the members of the community in which they grow up.  If children can learn from the example of their community how then can we make our children better people?  We have to lead by example which would take far too long if we were to educate adults in this way.  However, the child, who has no preconceived notions, can be taught to a high degree of intellectual and moral standards by example.

The biosphere that is populated by members of our race can influence us through a staggering number of variables, in merely physiological effects, like body design and chemistry, to social mannerisms and how we form relationships.  Certain skill sets and personalities will be prolific in areas that require those skills.  It can be difficult for people to readjust after they have learned an area’s necessary skill set.  Age is a somewhat reliable measure of adaptability, with the middle range being the most resilient.  Too young, or too old, and the person will be either frightened of the unknown, or simply unwilling to change.  Like waves on a beach, smoothing rocks, so can people change with their environment.  Recognizing this is how we ourselves change and learn.”

BRAVO!    I know that I will be carefully monitoring my skill sets from this day forward!

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3 Responses to ADAPTABILITY

  1. maryanne says:

    Ozzie is so right, as I found myself having to readapt to the cold climate of the midwest, not by choice! And I can remember as a child, we moved a fair amount of times because of my Dad’s job, but seemed to have no problems making new friends and adapting to each place. In fact, I feel I really grew as a person for having those experiences. It is wonderful to see someone Ozzie’s age understand these things in society! You keep up the good writing, Ozzie

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