Actually. Not in Minnesota. Where by all rights it should be snowing.

We had an inch or so a few weeks ago and now nothing. What was briefly here has melted. It’s into December and brown. All the locals who scoff and chortle about the lack of experience we reverse snowbirds have had these last two seasons, are feeling justified. But not so much, the climate change advocates, who are alarmed.

But it is snowing here on snowbirdredux. Do you see the snow wafting down? If you start at the top of the posting, you might have to wait just a minute at the header to have the flakes begin their descent. But it will happen.

I love it!

A kind of magic. Thank you to WordPress who magistrates this phenomenon. From my non-geek, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, techno challenged blogging skills, I am grateful. I followed the directions and pushed the buttons and actually got the snow to fall.

Now if we can just stimulate a white Christmas for Minnesota.

But not too white. Somewhere safely in between the beauty and excitement of the coming winter and the horror stories I heard yesterday.

My friends gave me a list as follows: shovel, scraper, kitty litter, Hat!, sleeping bags or space blankets, heavy coats and mittens, string, a red bandana, a can with candles, matches, chocolate bars, granola, a “pee” jug, flashlight, cell phone. Oh, and yes. Reading material. This is the standard equipment added to all vehicles before each winter.

Most are self evident. The red bandana is to tie to the top of your antenna so you can be easier to find. The rope – I guess is to tie around your waist if you chose to go outside and scrape the windows and loose sight of your car. The kitty litter spread about might help with traction. And the Hat. It was mentioned most and given the most gravitas. Evidently the internal body heat quickly flies out the top of one’s head. My black knit cap is considerably unflattering, but I vow now to always have it in hand. I mean on head.

Two more important suggestions. Don’t go to sleep when stuck. And if you turn the ignition on and off to keep some semblance of warmth in your vehicle, tie that rope around your waist and go outside and dig the snow out of the tailpipe.

I’m somewhat making light, but the personal stories and tragedies my friends related were anything but, and I have a new respect for a real winter challenge. Yes, all you snickerers and coy chucklers. Yes, you’re right. We haven’t proven ourselves. I know I said I was aching to establish our worthiness, but I’ve had a change of heart and respect.

And just now I looked out the window and guess what? I need to get the car kit together. It’s snowing.


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