For those who didn’t receive my Christmas message by snail mail –


I wish I could send out magic carpets to one and all for a holiday trip to Fergus Falls.  We so want to “show and tell” all the done and soon-to-be-done remodel, and share the sights and vastness of the Minnesota prairie and farmlands, and let it be known that, no, we weren’t crazy, regardless of what many suspected.

We’re still waiting to be tested through blizzard and ice, but when the thermometer registered 10 this morning we zipped into our down jackets and felt, yes, invigorated.  We’ve been through tornado warnings; amazing humidity; the scourge of the state bird – the mosquito; violent, tree splitting lightning bolts; and also the most wondrous skies on this planet.

This old house, built in 1882 upon a hill and across from the Otter Tail River, truly feels like home now.  It’s taken a while and tons of paint swatches and decorating debate and renegotiated plans.  The grounds are heavenly without lifting an inch of sod.  It’s the first time in all our gypsy lives when I haven’t felt the need to immediately shift into horticultural madness.  It’s perfect just as it is.   And – we have a croquet court!

I’ve kept up a journal online and I wish it would read properly, from start to finish.  But if you don’t mind a back-ward timeline, you’ll see much of our progress and lots about prairie places and “Minnesota Nice”, and photos to tell our tale.  Just google snowbirdredux.com and it’s all there.

The guest room is ready!  Please visit.


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