Bird on a Wire

The Robins are out and about everywhere you look.

I always thought of the robin as primarily a ground bird and they certainly  hop about the grass looking for tasty treats, but one very plump and twitterpated male is sitting every day just outside the upstairs window in the enormous ash tree or on the wire.  Yesterday in fact we observed, and didn’t even avert our eyes, the not-so-intimately-concealed mating ritual  of Mr. And Mrs. Robin UPON the high wire. Today he’s there again, singing endless trills.  Singing his heart out.   Just as Robert came up the stairs singing “Wake up you sleepyhead, get up, get out of bed…”  Which is a bit different than “Tweet TWEET tweet!

I Love My Garden! The maturity of the trees is something I always dreamed about, but wherever we lived there was either not enough yard or too little time to plant seedlings and have any hope of major development in our lifetime.  Castenada Lane had many mature oaks, among them the Angel Tree and the Magus, but little hope of expanding to include a range of species.

But here on Mt. Faith with a house built in 1882, the trees are grand and varied.  I was at a loss til recently, even armed with books from the local library but enter Rick, cousin’s Debbie’s husband who is a tree guy.  Now I know that there are Ash, Silver Maple, Red Maple, American Elm, Blue Spruce and a variety of Fir. We sit with our evening glass of wine each early evening and gape and gaze at the bounty and feel quite twitterpated ourselves over our good fortune.  I know, I know, wait til winter.  But in the meantime – here’s a parting shot from yesterday.

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