WE ARE HERE!  However it has been a few days in limbo – without phone or internet – and only a foam pad on the floor and this and that to make the merest semblance of a home.  An odd feeling.  Neither this nor that.  I believe it will be all right,  but there is much to consider before the moving van arrives, maybe in a week,  and what looks like a long process of settling in and getting it just right.  But that is Robert’s “good thing”.  He is the master of transformation. And speaking of him – he requested a favorite picture – one that makes him very happy to finally be here.

North Dakota Freeway

After a long, straight drive across the plains of North Dakota, we entered Minnesota on Day Six and finally – We saw the house on Mt. Faith for about ten fast and confusing minutes about 10 months ago.   And frankly, we have been asking ourselves things like – “do you remember what room is at the top of the stairs?” and “were there wood floors or carpet?” and “is there a window in the bathroom?” – so one can see that I was justifiably and truly “excited and scared”.

Up the driveway in the rain


The garden was unbelievably better than I had remembered.

The Back Garden

The heron at his new pond home

The town is splendid.

Downtown Fergus Falls

The work ahead, I suspect, will be challenging, frustrating, thrilling and rewarding in the end.  Tomorrow it begins.

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3 Responses to DAY SIX, SEVEN, AND EIGHT

  1. maxine says:

    The heron is home
    So glad to see you made it saftly and still smiling ln your hearts.
    the house and garden look oh so wounderful, im so very happy for you. take care and go slowly, it will be a beautiful summer.
    love alway maxine

  2. Maryanne says:

    I am trying to post again on my iPad, this time I added my email address. That does look like the typical N.D. Landscape..flat ground. So happy you made it safely, and hope all your things get there in one piece. Please let me know if it worked this post. Take care, BE WELL!

  3. Geoffrey says:

    Outstanding details! I have been looking for something such as this for a while now. Thanks for the tips!

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