Amazing what a little bit of “calling it as it is” will do for progress.  I’m happy to report that our bed is no longer on the floor and the “sitting room” is lovely and surrounded by favorite things.

We kept the bedroom walls just as they were.  The former owner had put a lot of time into a sponge-painting job which, while not the colors I would have chosen, was done with great artistic ability.


More Before

T.M. (aka Bob, Robert) insisted on shipping Harriet’s 1920’s bleached mahogany dressers, which I found dated and somewhat depressing,  along with the paltry amount of furniture we did bring with us from California.  He said because they were made when quality was popular and they do show the Kroehler, Hand Crafted Furniture labels inside the drawers and still have the original “Genuine Mahogany” cetificate issued by the Mahogany Association of Chicago, 1930.  Who knew that they would look so perfect against the darker smudgy walls.  Thanks Mom.

Our knees are thankful for the new "lift".

Harriet's bunny on the chest

The “Sitting Room” which I am distinguishing from the eventual “Living Room” ended up being the very place we hauled our cozy chairs.  Since both rooms downstairs are somewhat small, they will just be extensions of each other with spill-over seating either way.

As I remember it, there had previously been a large loom and exercise equipment there and as in every room challenge in this old house – lots of doors, windows, radiators and not much space.


I love colors that are hard to define.  Primaries, of course are never an option, but I even go so far as to prefer something more subtle than just a blue-green, say, or a rosey-red.  I like to have to struggle for the elusive nuance of a shade. So, having said that, our Sitting Room color is neither grey nor blue nor green, but just right.

T.M.’s chair with print of the “Sutro Baths” from our Mirage Restaurant. Harriet’s picture on the right wall.

My chair with Chinese screen.  The print of Mt. Fuji I carried, rolled up, from the Metropolitan Museum on a trip to visit Kevin in New York.  On the wall is a picture of Grandma Marie and her wedding plate.

Not QUITE done!  Actually the new front door is scheduled to replace the window on the right, leading out to the entry porch.

Wagon Wheel - Bixby Canyon

When T.M. was building our house at Bixby Creek in Big Sur, California, he unearthed a wagon wheel while digging a hole for the foundation pole. Bixby Canyon had been a thriving little community in the 1890’s with a post office, school, inn, restaurant with it’s own “locks” to catch fresh trout,  and of course a stage stop until a disastrous flood inundated all of the above.  We left the spokes as part of the foundation and salvaged the hub and a part of the frame.  One of our special treasures.  It’s starting to look like home!

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  1. maryanne says:

    What an improvement on the before and after, the sponge walls even look entirely different in the after picture! I love the headboard on your bed. Where is the elephant table? Your Mom’s blond furniture looks great in there too! Great job, you guys so far. The things placed on the tables are done with such a flare too! You will have that house in shape in no time, but with a lot of love of hard labor!

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