There’s a reason I have this Arthur Rackham print hanging above my desk.  It’s an illustration from Midsummer Night’s Dream entitled – “Faeries Away!”  I’m sure they were simply scurrying off to help Puck on some naughty misadventure, but I love their happy dynamic brilliance.    And yes,  I have to admit that I have never ever, really, totally, stopped  believing in  nature spirits and of course, thanks to Harriet, all the angelic beings as well.   Call me fey.  Call me naïve.  But I know that there are more things in heaven and earth and under the sun than we can catch out of the corner of our eye.

It’s all a matter of essence and energy. Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, Fauns – what were they but our puny stabs at understanding this vast and incomprehensible world in which we find ourselves.  And that leads me to the Deva, which I meant to include in the description of the Sitting Room.

This sculpture was carved out of single piece of redwood by a sculptor in Northern California and I am sorry and embarrassed to say that I have forgotten his name.  He called the piece “A Tear for Jim Henson” to honor the Muppet creator who had recently died and because there was a natural gap in the wood that suggested that the “frog-ish” creature was crying.  We named him the Deva and he has since sat and greeted all who come to our home.  Our oldest grandson, Sean, is now a senior at Sonoma State but he was the first to sit astride the Deva, and the other grandchildren have followed suit.  I know he has his own essence and energy and I think I sometimes catch his very spirit out of the corner of my eye.


POSTSCRIPT:  Happy Anniversary to Me.  This is my 100th Post.

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  1. maryanne says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post! Time really flies. I have enjoyed each and every one. You really have a flare for writing and such a large knowledge of a variety of subjects. Thanks for all the new knowledge, the laughs, and of course, the newly discovered family history tidbits you have revealed to me. Just keep on posting, I will keep on enjoying! Thank you again!

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