Today I’m crying “Uncle” and in the sense that I GIVE UP for today –  the packing troll has won and I am done.  Exhausted.  Finished.  A wreck.  And in another sense I could use an “Uncle Ernie”, that familial drink with the two 7’s in the mix but I’m settling for a pinot grigio.  “ARG” as Cosmo would say – I’m too old for this.

Today besides the packing, I power washed the garden shed and cleaned up the bone meal which was a favorite treat for some nighttime marauder, as well as weeding the bank below the stone wall and shredding umpteen pieces of probably worthless bank legacy until the shredder decided too, to call it a day.

In the light of a true respite, I’m offering my first Iris, a miniature called Cherry Tart. How sweet is that.

Cherry Tart

And the second of which I’ve forgotten the name – I’m guessing – Cherry Smoke, Australian Garnets, or Persian Berry.  Maybe Gingerbread Girl.  You be the judge.

And when I weeded the lower wall this morning I noticed a lone splash of white among the grape vines and it was the first Sombreuil!  Just look at this creamy climber.  It is spectacular.  Some rosarians say it is from 1850 and others say – “no, no it has a mysterious past, we don’t really know where it began.”


Souvenir de la Malmaison is in tribute to the very garden that Napoleon gave to his Empress Josephine who was one of the first fanatic rose enthusiasts.  Tonight she sits in the window with Somabreuil.  What a pretty picture.

And the Mutabilis (“Tipo Ideale”, or R. turkistanica) – another with mysterious origins, but a china rose which produces single blowsy, butterfly shaped flowers of honey-yellow, orange and red – all together!

The Many Colored Mutabilis

Mutabilis With Skull

I’m capturing each rose as it blooms this season – for remembrance.

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