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  In the midst of coffee and morning paper there was a sudden, sickening WHAM against the window. We have come to know that heart-rending sound too well, having picked up limp, broken bird bodies from time to time, and … Continue reading

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I just took in my first two teensy Juliet grape tomatoes and cut two smallish heads of broccoli. T.M. has been picking the basil – Sweet, Marseille and  Cardinal. It’s been a long season of waiting and watching for gardeners … Continue reading

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  We went through the Minnesota cold, snow and sleet with barely a whimper. No Problem. But bring on the mosquitos and humidity and we’re suddenly dreaming fondly of salty breezes wafting off the Pacific Ocean. Please.       … Continue reading

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I’m a good hostess. Plus, I’m a Libra, so I naturally gravitate to plumping pillows at the same time I’m plying delectables and treats. I invariably worry that I won’t make enough and I pore over menus and plans, arrange … Continue reading

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If it wasn’t for Midsummer, I wouldn’t be here today.  My family likes to tell the tale of Jennings who, in the early 1930’s, returned to his hometown after a voyage in the Merchant Marines. That particular year, his town … Continue reading

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When we lived on the west coast we rarely had a lawn. Let’s face it – water is next to gold in California, grass is incredibly thirsty, and anyway, I would always opt for vegetables and perennial beds given the … Continue reading

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Looking back at my frivolous and naïve platitudes about weather and snow over the past two years, and my personal thrill of Minnesota extremes, I stand humiliated and repentant. What a silly-billy idiot I was until now. Enchanted with the … Continue reading

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