Always the first!

Even in California spring is exciting. I can imagine how ecstatic we will be after a Minnesota winter. The daffodils are the first to arrive. I used to order a bushel of 100 plus bulbs each year so you can imagine what a show they have become – all long the road to the entry drive and naturalizing down the hill toward the house.

The peach is next and was planted by the previous owner. It produces little “nubbins” which certainly don’t turn into anything we would like to consume, even though I properly pruned and thinned it the first year. But that’s okay. The birds are happy and we are especially happy on the first day we look out the kitchen window and see the pink in the upper garden.

Prairie Fire is the first of the crab apples, to be followed by the weeping Red Jade. The flowering quince “Toyo Nishiki”, as you can see, blooms with four different color combos, all on the same branch! Imagine.

It’s really starting to happen and every day there’s something new. Although I have to admit to a teeny bit of remorse and a fleeting embarrassment when I see that hundreds of cars were stranded in a blizzard north of Fargo last week. But then, with any luck from the real estate gods, that will be us next year. But then, there’s always spring.

But wait there's more!

the crab apple (Prairie Fire) in the old fish pond - now day lily bed.

Peach tree, trying to produce fruit for the birds. They're entitled.

Flowering Quince (Toyo Nishiki)pink, white, red, pink and white - all on one branch!

Grevillea "Noellii"

Mr. scrub jay on the right side of railing getting his morning peanut.

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  1. Maryanne says:

    Hi, I see you got your pic. app working , love the flowers, so beautiful!

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