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I used to bake bread. Then at one point life seemed to intervene and I was rarely home all day or so I rationalized. Robert has missed the bread. In fact, he has taken to saying things like “when we’re … Continue reading

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My cousin Curt and his wife, Judy gave us a subscription to Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, a bi-monthly periodical which is reader-supported and encourages conservation and careful use of Minnesota’s natural resources.(  It was a lovely and thoughtful way to … Continue reading

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Along with the garden, a prospective buyer needs to know what the other responsibilities entail.  Number One: FEED THE BIRDS.  We call Castenada Lane the Bird Sanctuary because we have set up multiple feeders, utilizing sunflower seeds, thistle, mixed seed … Continue reading

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Fortunately my friend, John, is helping me with the garden.  I know I said before that  it was one bed at a time and the technique really worked, but then, I do need to be up and running for any … Continue reading

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An astrologer told me years ago that as a Libra I would want everything neat and beautiful and spiffy looking on the outside, but most likely I stuffed things higgely-piggely in cupboards and drawers.  She was right.  I’m admitting this … Continue reading

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When confronted with aghast statements by incredulous friends and relatives who have heard about our plans to retire and move, yes, from the west coast to the far northern prairie, my husband is fond of responding – “We’re Reverse Snowbirds!”  … Continue reading

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The Background

We’ve actually already set in motion, if just barely, the plan which will eventually send us packing across thousands of miles to a life of which we have little or no experience, given blizzards, tornadoes, ice on the roads, mosquitoes, … Continue reading

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