to be continued…

We’re off to Carmel today for Robert to have his “procedure” at Chomp.

We accept all wishes.

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2 Responses to to be continued…

  1. Maryanne says:

    Hello to you both, Robert, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you have this procedure tomorrow! I know you are in good hands with these Chomp! Will be waiting to hear! Take, love you both!

  2. Sue C. Thomsen says:

    My prayers and best wishes for Robert’s good health. We’ll be anxious to hear how great he feels :). It must be such a relief to have a diagnosis and fix. Peg told me about this site, and I love it. You are a very talented writer and soooo interesting; I check each day! You know I’ll work on that taco salad again…it was absolutely delicious at the Mirage, and I’m tickled to have the details. I have given Peg the news about Robert, and you can expect to hear from her. Again, I am sending prayers and good vibes for Robert. Take care of yourself, as well. Hugs…Sue

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