And enough of that.  We sold NOT enough but it will help to pay for the moving expenses.  Unfortunately we have a big job taking everything that was rejected  to the thrift store.  “Come In Lance!”  Who wouldn’t want a smelly old golf bag or a long ago bitten into sugar Easter egg?  And we tried to give away the old front door and the concrete fountain.  After a 50% reduction we did get rid of the table saw and the almost pristine barbecue.  And I was pleased with my displays.

Here’s the really good news.  We knew that daughter Sheila and son Steve were dropping by, but were taken by surprise when Tony and the two divas popped in and BIG surprise – son Kevin appeared all the way from Portland.  And that was topped off by the arrival of Max.  So it all turned out to be a perfect ending to a very stressful day.  Happy and wistful and all together. Many tears were shed.

Robert, Kevin, Tony, Sheila, Steve and Max, and the Divas

Robert, Kevin, Tony, Sheila, Steve and Max – Divas in front

Today we frantically packed the last minute boxes.  And the Moving Van arrived.

Jeison, Juan and Francisco loading the van

Tonight we will be opening a nice bottle of wine and camping out on our foam pads on the floor because they have taken the mattresses.  Oh, and Robert, it seems, packed our pillows in the last throes of mania as we were stuffing this and that into the last boxes.  OOPS!

More tomorrow…………

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