If you watch Top Chef on Bravo you will know what I’m talking about.  Robert often declares “Quick Fire!” when he rustles together an exceptional meal with throw-together-from-the-refrigerator and use-up-all-the-leftovers while he is constructing a sensational gourmet meal.

I feel like a quick fire tonight.

After the movers arrived unannounced and deposited our belongings we began to sort through and unpack and repack and plot and plan and still it is an overwhelming task. But  – Quick Fire – here’s our day.

Monster Van - Not all ours!

Neverending unpacking mess

Sutro Baths Akimbo

At a certain point it was overwhelming, so we went out and took care of the van which had lost its brake lights and threatened to engender a ticket before long.  Welcome – Olson Auto Electric!  And Rick, who informed us he didn’t answer to Mr. Olson because he was a German and Mr. Olson was a Norweigian who died in 1974 after establishing the business in 1937 and “why try to fix it unless it was broke”.  But he was really proud of the 1937 voltage tester.

Mr. Olson's Voltage Tester

While we were waiting for Rick to test the voltage, we took a walk just a block away on the Otter Tail River.

Bend in the River

That’s my Quick Fire.  Good night.

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