Yesterday I attended a Ladies Tea. Above all it was a visual delight, each table a riot of someone’s fantasy. Thirty five themes. Cacophonous, gorgeous, silly, whimsical, enchanting.  You name it.

Not to mention fun. And yummy.

Best of all, it was a fundraiser for an organization which covers nine communities in central western Minnesota, providing help to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and general crime with emergency shelters and a 24 hour crisis hot line. Everyone needs Someplace Safe.

*         *        *

Fortunately the tea was held yesterday with the roads clear and the sun shining. Today we are having the first major storm of the season. Church services were cancelled. The highway which passes by Fergus Falls is closed for 60 miles in either direction. The snow plows have not appeared. And the snow keeps coming.

An Icicle for the Record Books!

Biscuits for breakfast. Pork roast and stuffing for dinner. A stack of good books. We’re definitely someplace safe.

New Island in Kitchen

Open Shelves

My favorite wall

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  1. Kevin J. says:

    The kitchen looks “mah”velous!!

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