Life Interrupted – – –

I vow to myself and I promise my friends and readers (if only in my mind) that, yes, I will structure the time. I will set aside creative hours, preferably morning, and sit here rat-a-tatting on the keyboard. I will be fluid and insightful and never, ever succumb to writers block.

I vow. And then I lose the bet. Usually in the summer when the garden is pre-eminent and the farmers market is predominant. But other times as well.

When this intervention, this strangulation of thoughts and creativity, settles in with paralyzing aplomb, it feeds upon itself and grows with alarming
speed. Then personal fretting and guilt abound and exacerbate the condition. It is the writer’s curse. And so, here I am once again.

In the meantime, the in-between time, I will use this space to feature writer friends who have something to share, who are fancy free with their words just now and can fill up the empty spaces in Snowbirdredux, thereby lessening my guilt, reducing the pressure, while inspiring me to join in.

Stay tuned – – – – –

snow goose

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