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Here on my hill, looking out at crystals and icicles, I can imagine I am the Snow Queen surveying my wintry domain. It’s 40 below with the wind chill tonight and I need to use snowshoes to refill the bird … Continue reading

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Winter snow in Minnesota has its pluses and minuses. I’ve already referenced the wonder of wafting flakes, the cushy clumps of white upon the evergreens, all the novelty of exotic climatology to a California girl. If I could just figure … Continue reading

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I’m looking at this big fat tome that arrived from the University of Minnesota Extension, Master Gardener Core Class, straightening out the tabs which became scrunched in the mailing bag and wondering if Trees and Shrubs, Soils, Weed Management, even … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there were a bunch of hobgoblins who created a mirror where every good and pretty thing that was reflected seemed ugly. Landscapes became hideous and people appeared distorted. And the goblins were so delirious with their … Continue reading

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I have nearly completed the first week of the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Core Course. Whew! In California in 1994 it seemed easier. Or maybe my brain was a lot younger. I just took the first of 15 … Continue reading

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2012 was our first full year as residents of our new state and we filled it up, among other things, with wonder at hoarfrost and tornado skies and ice fishing and Minnesota Nice. I wouldn’t say we’re “old hands” now, … Continue reading

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I was starting to get worried, but finally the Canada Geese are back. Thousands, maybe millions settling in for winter upon what I call our “bends.” The Otter Tail River spreads out across the street from our house and continues … Continue reading

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Okay. It’s not the recovering cold.  It’s not the winter blues. It’s not a personal psychological trauma. It’s . . . . . . . . . . .  WRITER’S BLOCK. And, yes indeed, it might have been prompted by … Continue reading

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There is an inter-tropical convergent zone in our earthworld which exists between 30-35 degrees north and 30-35 degrees south, somewhere between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. It’s known as The Doldrums. “Dold” is an archaic word for stupid. When … Continue reading

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Nasopharyngitis. Rhinopharyngitis. Acute Coyza. Whatever you want to call it – it’s the Common Cold. You know what I’m talking about. Cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat. Nothing life threatening, but just enough to take you out and make … Continue reading

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