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No excuses. In the past I have pled bronchitis. And that old devil, Writer’s Block. Both sincerely good reasons to abandon one’s brain along with the keyboard. But this long time-out from posting on Snowbirdredux is wholly related to a … Continue reading

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  It’s a tricky thing to accuse kids today.  But every generation does it. We always harken back to our youth and reminisce about how much better it was in the old days.  For example – “Radio made us think … Continue reading

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“The geometric representation of forward motion which is at the same time recapitulatory is the spiral.” – John Freccero Many years ago, when I was a young mother of two and struggling through college, I became a teaching assistant for … Continue reading

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  Last week my daughter called to say that she had treated herself to a birthday present. She had pierced her nose. What? I ask myself why I am mildly discomforted by this news. Is it because I object to … Continue reading

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  I’ve never made a fuss about birthdays. Most years I hoped to slip on through before anyone noticed. This year I’ve received enough attention that I might as well just fess up and celebrate. (And that’s not to say … Continue reading

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I was certain that Mom would make it to 100 and get the congratulatory letter from the President. She almost did. All her life she was fit and healthy. Beautiful into her nineties and always the fashionista. Just three years … Continue reading

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“. . . a spring, fountain, that is the starting point of a stream . . . that from which something comes or develops . . . place of origin” – Webster’s New World Dictionary Many nights of my childhood … Continue reading

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