I have been preparing for the weekend moving sale. It is NOT a pretty picture!

Well – you get the picture.  My friend, Melanie was always talking me into having garage sales with her and it was always the last thing in the world I wanted to do, and I grumbled and whined before, during and after.  They are fun to go to and dig around for bargains from someone else’s trash.  But I personally abhor putting out my own trash.

But here I am, and I must admit that my grumbling and whining and generally bad behavior has led Robert to the depths of misery and so he just informed me that I needed to “go and meditate”.

How better than this – and what a contrast to the above.

Front Yard Garden

Here’s a happy accident. I usually ponder and plan my plots out with a determination and carefulness that would have pleased even Gertrude Jekel, that grand old lady of British landscaping fame.  But here – I got into a hurry in this corner and just plopped some plants into the soil. Serendipity!  I can’t imagine that any carefully planned execution would have turned out any better.  Look how they compliment each other.  The cotinus, the smoke tree on the right and the varigated broom in the middle and the kniphofia or Red Hot Poker on the left – all red and yellow against the rusty brown.

Constance Spry

Constance Spry was the first of the David Austin English roses and she arches across the path in the lower garden across from the frog pond.

Graham Thomas

Another Austin English rose – Graham Thomas covers the arbor and is my favorite of the “yellows”.

Abraham Darby, English Rose

They don’t get any more luminescent than Abraham Darby!

So THERE!  This is my moving sale meditation.  And I’ll try to be nicer tomorrow.

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  1. Maryanne says:

    I can sympathize with you, I have done that, been there a few times, but the most traumatic, was the last move from AZ. To MN., which I had to do alone. Not being well it was overwhelming to say the least. I really did not use good judgement, but just quit packing, and oh well! The stuff you really do not need anyway. My heart is with you, you will survive!

  2. Maryanne says:

    I forgot to add how beautiful the gardens look, what a cool place to be able to go and meditate within. And my how they have matured since I was last there!

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