Noelle, Mom and I at the Teton Lake

It’s countdown time.  We haven’t gotten the exact date from the movers, but it should be the 16th or the 17th of May, which by my calculations is less than a week away.  Then it’s carpet cleaning and general cleaning and into the car and off!

We decided that we would make a fun trip of it – take our time and explore the country from California to Minnesota.  Cosmo is not going to be thrilled with that decision, but hopefully he will adjust. So now, Robert is entranced with the idea of planning a Route. I thought  seriously about duplicating the path I drove in the 70’s.  That’s a possibility.

Any "Entry" to somewhere?

And then a Buffalo?

Yellowstone geyser

Into the deep

The frozen water at Yellowstone

Of course, the Grand Canyon

We asked our neighbor, Sue who is a Minnesota farm girl and has driven back and forth by various routes depending on the weather, what she would suggest.  We took out our United States Atlas and began to pore over various plans.

When we had our ultimate best vacation in England many years ago – we planned by putting a big map of the country up on the wall, doing research about locales, discussed endlessly the various possibilities, debated our favorite and ultimately necessary stops, used red pins to highlight the route, and then just “followed our nose” once we actually got there.  But the Red Pins were vicarious fun and set the tone.

So once again, we’re open to suggestions. And that is what the CONTEST is all about.  For instance, I had decided that the Tetons are a worthy stop on the route between California and Minnesota.  And just as I thought of that possibility, two people, our son Steven and my good friend Mara, both emphatically stated that we MUST go by the Tetons.  That seems like a sign.

The Tetons

Yet what other wondrous possibilities on this journey might we be missing?  Or need to experience?  Or be sorry that we missed?  We’re not sure if we should be going up the coast and across the Canadian border, or across the Sierras, or south to New Mexico and up the great Prairies.

So I’m asking all the readers of snowbirdredux to send in their comments and suggestions.  What place and locale speaks to you?  What do you advise we take to heart and consider a personal pilgrimage?

Other than the Tetons  (which just might be a “must”) if we are inspired to journey to your special place, I will send you a treasure from that very locale. It may be a rock, an amulet, or just a souvenir.  But we welcome all suggestions for our migration.  Please advise!

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3 Responses to CONTEST

  1. My vote goes to the mall of America in Minneapolis. Yes I know, yuck. Since I’ve only been to Minnesota once and I’m a concrete and steel guy; that is what I enjoyed. Massive industrial accomplishments impress me.
    If God is truly omnipotent, nature doesn’t impress me as much as what humans working together can accomplish. Was the world created on a low budget and things rushed to finish it?
    Looking at the Mall of America makes me appreciate God’s greatest accomplishment: The Human Being.

  2. Marlene Lundeen says:

    I just read Mickey McBeth’s comment and I say yeah!!! as we live only 10 minutes from the MOA which is in Bloomington, a suburb of Minneapolis. I am thinking that you must have been up and down the coast many times so have seen most of those sights. Why not go through the center of our country and get a feel for the Great Plains, what some people derisively call the “fly over” part of our country. Then you could stop and spend some time with your family around Minneapolis. We have a guest room waiting.

  3. Maryanne says:

    I second the vote from Marlene, although we will be so close, you will be able to come for the day if you like once you are settled. On the I-40 route, you could see the painted desert, petrified forest, and a number of other sites. If you come through Canada, the North Shore is a lovely drive to MN. too!

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