It is unusual for me to get a delivery from UPS, but TWO IN ONE DAY!  I feel blessed today.

After the squirrels destroyed my hammock at Castenada Lane, I decided that I needed to gift myself for Mr. Faith.  Today it arrived.


Many a good book will be read under these trees.  Many dozing meditations.  And bird habitat blendings.  And swinging serenity.

The second package came from my friend, Mickey, who now gets the GREATEST GIFTER AWARD OF THE YEAR.  I saw a picture of my daughter, Noelle on his blog recently and commented that it was my favorite picture of her ever and one that I had previously not seen. Taken maybe 30 years ago, it nonetheless captured her very essence for me and featured a photo of my father on the table along with the conch shell he brought back from one of his trips to the southern climes along with a painting above her of the place she called “The Big Brown House” and the very place she grew up in Long Beach.

Noelle in repose with Jennings, shell and Big Brown House

Mickey sent it to me!  Along with other photos of Noelle and the two of them (she was the “best man” at his wedding)  AND a USB flash drive for my computer, which his son Ozzie reccomended.

Gifts, Friends, Blessings.

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  1. Kim littlefield says:

    Hi Diane, you should of been a writer.!!!!!!!! I enjoy reading them. some of your writings are hilarious…….. So will I get your blogs through my email????? We are going to try the road trip again soon. Maybe this time we will make it inside your house!!!!!!!!!!!! Love kimmy

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