Hot and humid! Well – this IS Minnesota.  And one of the most interesting aspects so far, is how fast the weather changes from moment to moment. There hasn’t been time to become complacent or bored.  In just one day it seems we can go from steamy, rainy, cold and windy, beautiful and balmy and even TORNADO ALERT.  And of course, the first hot and humid day we experienced right after our arrival, was followed by just that – SIRENS. I’ll be watching the skies tonight.

I find myself, in fact, listening to the two weather channels a lot.  One has the national report which most everyone gets and one is just for Fergus Falls and surrounding area and it has robot voices which drone on about the day to day forecasts and there are about three distinct voices which switch off and on but one is a hilarious rendition of a Scandanavian with all the  sing-songy Ole and Lena accents.  It turns the repetitious “Tuesday – cloudy with possible thundershowers. Wednesday – cloudy with possible thunder showers. Thursday – cloudy with possible thunder showers” into a chuckle and you know that someone is having fun with it.    You betcha.  And speaking of “you betcha”, another common expression  that we hear on a regular basis is a response which is somewhere between a “yup” and a “yep”, repeated almost rhythmically – just a pleasant confirmation of whatever happens to be the topic at hand.

But back to the skies – this past family weekend brought about all of the above weather conditions except for the tornado alert, although Kenny tried to scare me by pointing out that we should be carefully watching the skies for the “hole” that appears just before the twister descends.


It did eventually bring the party into the garage.

But there are some of us who revel in the weather.

Bruce and Cyndi

Curt and Robert


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