The “living room” is finally a proper and comfy gathering spot, ready and waiting for company.  We officially initiated it this past week with Laura and John who stayed for dinner in the half-finished dining room (to be revealed at a later date).  My goal was to have two long sofas and assorted   chairs around a large round table.  Something which accommodated a stunning and tasteful venue for multiple and sumptuous snacks and drinks, a la Martha or Julia,  and provided  the right dynamics and setting for stimulating conversation.

The room was too small to bend to my wishes.  But they were most likely “pie-in-the-sky anyway, and I think that the room as it turned out, is perfect.  In fact, I love it.

The Tibetan and Afghani rugs bring color and depth.  The elephant table, sent from India by my father in the 40’s, looks grand.  The $3.00 garage sale chairs are a bonus. The Chinese screen always makes me happy.  And the new loveseat tops it off.  And if the seating looks like it accommodates only four, there is always the needlepoint stool and the Victorian chair for quick pull-ups.

Please come.  We’re ready.


New loveseat, OLD chinese screen (hint of dining room!)

Opening to "The Quilt Room".


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