Yikes!  My faded, Costco, comfort, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are cutting into my mid section.  Tight.  And I don’t think it can be  attributed to the new Cuddle Puff under-things for they are huggy and teensy and, if anything, hold in any extra outer rolls.  T.M. and I have both accumulated a few pounds (I won’t assign specifics) since moving to Minnesota.  So this is a dilemma.  Too true that science confirms  when it is cold, very cold, our inner-body voice begins to tell us that we NEED to put on some weight, need that  outer fat to protect and keep us warm. Our animal friends add more calories before the bleak winter so that they may subsist on less for a time.  Could it be that the zero temperatures are sending an invisible signal to the animus within and causing me  to bulk up?

Oh dear.  It’s also true that I have felt like hibernating of late.  Curling up with a good book and a light snooze.   Yesterday the sun was falling upon my cozy chair with such tenderness that I felt embraced by the very arms of Morpheus.  And just last night I plumped myself against the pillows in bed while I waited for T.M. to come upstairs and watch the recorded copy of last week’s “Downton Abbey” and before I knew it I had fallen deeply asleep at 8:30 p.m. and didn’t awaken until 8 hours later!

With the coming of winter we have been more sedentary it is true.  Furthermore, it is only fitting that the charm of the season only comes into full fruition with the scent of baking cookies.  Given just those two facts alone was enough to make me take stock of our Minnesota lifestyle.

An article on the front page of the Twin Cities StarTribune this morning only reinforced our dilemma.  Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic has “-reviewed the statistics: One in three Minnesota adults is either diabetic or pre-diabetic, and one in four is obese.  And he thinks he’s found the underlying ailment: THE SITTING DISEASE.”

Before the  pharmaceutical industry can rush out the latest of  designer drugs to combat S D (“Ask your doctor if the new, improved Dexedrine is right for you”), we made a pledge to take it upon ourselves to fight this dire verdict and make exercise our new improved regimen.

First, we hauled the almost forgotten, half buried, elliptical machine in from the garage.  Second, we made a pledge to check out the gym at the YMCA only blocks away.  Third (and best of all) we bundled up and headed to the Prairie Wetlands, the environmental education center operated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife  which encompasses 330 acres of native prairie, 20 wetlands and two oak savannas.

Last spring we watched the Monarch butterflies flit about the grasses there before their long migration to California and parts south. And marveled at the beauty of the native plants  and trekked the loops around the ponds and marshes.   Today the scene was radiant white and we were able to follow deer prints in the snow.

We’ll beat this S D yet.

Someone lives here!

Frozen pond

The Visionary

Native plants in winter







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