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  I thought I had signed up for something called “Defensive Driving Class.” Sounded a bit combative to me. Something like Martial Arts on Wheels and not at all like our Minnesota Nice, where a typical lane merging on the … Continue reading

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(Finally. Back from bronchial purgatory. Thanks for your wishes and concerns.) When we first moved to Minnesota, Pastor Sarah of the Shepard of the Prairie Lutheran Church of Hickson, North Dakota (the familial family spiritual home base), invited me to … Continue reading

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Some days you just hate to pick up the morning paper for all the disastrous news of the world. We have a routine at our house. I put on my boots (this time of year), button my down jacket over … Continue reading

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I recently participated in a group where the discussion topic was an examination of spirituality. How to find it? Is it important? What is it like? Where is it? Does it exist? You wouldn’t have been surprised to hear words … Continue reading

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When I was 7, 8 10, thereabouts, I was the one in the gang to write, cast, direct and star in the neighborhood productions. We had different venues. The Burgess yard was perfect for western dramas. Their dad, a frustrated … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there were a bunch of hobgoblins who created a mirror where every good and pretty thing that was reflected seemed ugly. Landscapes became hideous and people appeared distorted. And the goblins were so delirious with their … Continue reading

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I have nearly completed the first week of the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Core Course. Whew! In California in 1994 it seemed easier. Or maybe my brain was a lot younger. I just took the first of 15 … Continue reading

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Actually. Not in Minnesota. Where by all rights it should be snowing. We had an inch or so a few weeks ago and now nothing. What was briefly here has melted. It’s into December and brown. All the locals who … Continue reading

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I was starting to get worried, but finally the Canada Geese are back. Thousands, maybe millions settling in for winter upon what I call our “bends.” The Otter Tail River spreads out across the street from our house and continues … Continue reading

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There is an inter-tropical convergent zone in our earthworld which exists between 30-35 degrees north and 30-35 degrees south, somewhere between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. It’s known as The Doldrums. “Dold” is an archaic word for stupid. When … Continue reading

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