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It’s a sure sign that summer is winding down when I realize that there are only two more evening concerts in the park here in Fergus Falls. Most every Thursday evening we’ve hauled our fold-up chairs the few blocks to … Continue reading

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This past weekend was all over the spectrum – a bitingly clear reminder that life is given and taken away, but not always in the usual order.  As a family, we memorialized the too short life of cousin Debbie’s daughter … Continue reading

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I suppose everyone has experienced one of those moments when they were thinking about someone just as the phone rang and that very person was  on the line. That’s a common occurrance I’ll bet.    I know it happens to me … Continue reading

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Breakfast at the Yellowstone Mine Cafe (ditto dinner last night) in Gardiner, Montana just outside the north entry to Yellowstone.  I am dumbstruck at the most wondrous inner wall (look for later photo posting) in this rustic restaurant which is … Continue reading

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It seemed like a good omen that we stayed in room 110 at the Thunderbird in Elko, Nevada and tonight in room 110 at the Comfort Inn in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  And both places take cats. On the other hand … Continue reading

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Day One is best forgotten.  Last minute cleaning and packing and panicking because of course the items designated to fit in the van far exceeded the square footage of the vehicle and I wasn’t prepared to start weeding out my … Continue reading

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SALAD Turns out that Salad comes from the Latin “salata” from sal or “salty” and that was first likely a part of the cuisine in the 14th century.  Then Shakespeare in 1606 mentioned one’s “salad days” as a time of … Continue reading

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My daughter, Noelle is coming today to help with the packing.  It will be bittersweet for the two of us.  There will be no more opportunities to jump into the car and drive the few hours from southern to central … Continue reading

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Grandma Ingebretson was actually the grandma to my cousins Maryanne, Marlene and Margaret Jean.  But I also called her Grandma.  I guess  because we shared Grandma Marie, I thought we must share her too.  We were the California part of … Continue reading

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The oldest friend I have is Peggy Peebles.  And I’m not talking about her age, which is the same as mine, but the fact that we met in the third grade, bonded and have been friends ever since.  I can’t … Continue reading

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