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  I’ve just this week been really reaping my tomato harvest at last.  The bushes are loaded and every day I bring in heaping bowls of Big Beef, Golden Jubilee and especially that good little trouper, Juliet.  Finally!  We even … Continue reading

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This month, which also notes our first two months in Minnesota, began with a dilly of a storm.  It began last night about eleven p.m. and raged all night, often with thunder that seemed stuck into one long  cascading vroom, … Continue reading

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Everyone knows that Minnesota is known as the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, which is not totally accurate because it is purported to actually host 11,842 and that too, is not completely on the mark because that figure accounts for … Continue reading

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Hot and humid! Well – this IS Minnesota.  And one of the most interesting aspects so far, is how fast the weather changes from moment to moment. There hasn’t been time to become complacent or bored.  In just one day … Continue reading

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Well, not really.  But it was our first experience with the Big Weather.  We had just spent an hour or so, sitting outside by the pond with a glass of wine (or so) enjoying the warmth and sun of the … Continue reading

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Breakfast at the Yellowstone Mine Cafe (ditto dinner last night) in Gardiner, Montana just outside the north entry to Yellowstone.  I am dumbstruck at the most wondrous inner wall (look for later photo posting) in this rustic restaurant which is … Continue reading

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Noelle and I have now packed 61 boxes and counting, and I could not, would not, have been an upright, sane, fully functioning human being without her help.  I am still suffering from overwhelm and a tiredness beyond belief, but … Continue reading

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It was just spring. And suddenly the radar reports for the central coast of California predicted a storm with icons and colors that screamed out “Cyclone Force, Extreme Weather, Thunder and Lightning and Tornado Conditions”!  And it was my work … Continue reading

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